Connect with buyers, suppliers and traders. is a social commerce app taking you and your business mobile in a revolutionary way.

Connect with others through a live-chat, present your products, post your needs or publish and find industry news. It is the new way of doing business.


This feature standardizes and simplifies communication about products/searches. It allows you to present your products/needs in the best way suitable for the NewsFeed. Add pictures, videos or pdf files to the standard data you enter and share all necessary details with all other users.


Any product or search gives you the option to offer or inquire in a simply and fast way. Tap the button, enter your offer and press send. Users that posted the product/search will receive a direct chat message and can answer within seconds.


The live-chat is's heart. All activity related to offers/inquiries and communication are happening here. Negotiate, inform others or yourself, send and receive offers/inquiries. It’s happening in real-time and directly through your chat.


The NewsFeed is organized in four tabs. Simply select what you want to see: all posts, only products, searches or general posts. You are in full control over what you see. Easily adjust your NewsFeed settings and your content will adapt to selected industries and countries.


Choose which post you want to create. offers you the option to post products, searches or general posts. Products and searches are predefined forms, which help you present products and needs in the unique way.


Be informed in real-time. On you can subscribe to any post or user. Whenever there is activity, you’ll receive a push notification. (e.g. the price for a product you subscribed to changed)


Manage your products, searches, offers and inquires in one screen. No matter if you want to resend, edit or delete them. You can do anything with this intuitive management tool.

Frequently asked questions is a social commerce app for mobile devices. In other words it’s a product hub, which enables buyers, suppliers and traders to get in direct contact with counterparts purely based on the product and product requirements.

Yes. It is completely free to post products, searches, general posts, chat with other users, receive inquires and connect to others.

Classical search engines usually all have the same problem. You type in your search requirements and the first couple of links you receive are paid ads more or less irrelevant to your actual search. After scrolling for a couple of minutes, you might find certain websites, that could potentially offer what you need. However, you still don’t know, because you need to visit all sites before having assurance. Another issues is the way search engines rank sites. The majority is based on the traffic these sites generate. Therefore big brands rank first, no matter if they have the best solution for your requirements or not.

Summing all this up. erases the need for long-lasting research and countless inquires to evaluate who the appropriate spokesperson is. On's app you see all relevant data immediately and have direct contact with the responsible person instantly.

The current offer is limited to database-like systems, which simply do not suit the way we work anymore. Big German providers for example provide you with company details of potential suppliers. However, the relevance of these suppliers is not necessarily given, as these providers do not even have data about their products themselves. Should you anyways find a decent match you still only find general contact details and have to work your way to the right person. Taking a closer look at big Chinese providers, it becomes obvious that there was not much improvement on the user friendliness of their systems since the early 2000s. It is a classical database through which you can contact potential suppliers. is much more. It gives you the possibility to directly and indirectly interact with other users in numerous ways. A prime example is the differentiation in posts you can create on You can either post a product, procurement needs (we call them searches) or start/engage in discussions about industry news and insights with other users.

The platform we don’t name with the blue and white logo, which presents itself as your professional network has one main purpose. To find new employment. Primarily it focuses on helping your career evolve. has the main focus to connect you with potential buyers/suppliers or business partners relevant for your business. is not a career portal. It is a communication tool for businesses, business minded people and entrepreneurs aiming to optimize and grow their activity.

Simply because it is the most relevant data. If you are looking for a specific supplier, you already know the name and how to contact them. However, we are convinced this is the wrong approach. Here’s an example: E-Mobility. There is dozens of suppliers of battery packs, which offer a better performance than the battery packs of the market leaders. The main issue is a lack of funds to advertise their products in a way so you would find them. Your mindset should be, I want to buy the best product not the biggest marketing budget. It is crucial for us to serve in your best interest by putting the focus on your actual requirements. The product.

  • time-efficient research and direct contact to the responsible person immediately
  • always up to date regarding new products, market acceptance of products, market needs, and industry insights
  • real-time industry news through the NewsFeed
  • simple and efficient customer acquisition. Check which products are looked for at the moment and place offers within seconds
  • fast and easy communication with customers and suppliers
  • 100 % mobile. No matter if home office, golf course or on a train. Everything you need is a mobile phone.

Because every business is procuring things one way or another. Specially in the B2C field this is the case. Small shops usually depend on their wholesaler’s products. In times where online retail is growing faster than ever, it is even more important to differentiate your offer. You can find products achieving exactly this on

In 2020/21 many fairs/trade shows have been cancelled and sales agents were facing serious travel restrictions. We all know why, no need to use the C-word. On top of this, trade shows have always been an expensive and audience restricted option for producers and sales agents. Therefore they have proven themselves to be semi-perfect solutions to present your products. offers you a free and not geographically limited way to show your products to the world. It makes work for sales agents more efficient as they can service clients anywhere at any time and saves time and money, as long distance travel and travel between appointments is not necessary anymore.

Day-in day-out we are communicating hundreds of times through our mobile devices. Our phone is our daily companion which gives us access to everything we need. Generation Y and Z are already more used to mobile applications than they ever will be to web applications. Nearly all kids nowadays interact with smartphones before they are ever confronted with a computer. They grow up with and feel comfortable using mobile applications. So why would a company waste time and money on training the new generation to use old, stiff and ineffective methods?

For the same reason we do not offer a web application. Social media is part of the new generation’s life from early on. In fact, it is part of us. We learn social media like we learn how to walk, eat, sleep and breath. What we don’t learn is how to use static CRM systems and thinking like “old-school“ business methods. The way we do business is changing and is exactly what will lift our generation to never before seen productivity.

Offers/Inquiries can only be sent for posted products and searches, which therefore are relevant to the matter. A simple mass messaging of all users is not possible. This takes spamming and random offer placing out of the equation.

To protect the data of private individuals and companies. does not need company or personal data to offer a service which is based around the product. It is up to each user to use his/her company or personal name as his/her username. For us it is only important, that you yourself decide which data you want to share.

Because we want our users to choose what they want to see. If we would base the NewsFeed content (products, searches and general posts) on AI, it would be the same as being the custodian of our users will. Our highest priority is that you rest in full control. This is why our NewsFeed offers the option to change its settings. The options include: Change/add/remove industries and/or countries, filter the NewsFeed by products, searches, general posts or all in on.

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